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In collaboration with and guided by impacted communities, we offer legal advocacy to survivors of human trafficking and people who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion.

We are a national organization that defends the human rights of sex workers by destigmatizing and decriminalizing people in the sex trades through free legal services, education, research, and policy advocacy. We aim to create a sexually liberated world where all workers have the autonomy and power to fully enjoy their human rights.

One of the first programs in the nation to assist survivors of human trafficking, the Sex Workers Project has pioneered an approach to service grounded in human rights, harm reduction and in the real life experiences of our clients. All of our services are free for sex workers, those profiled as sex workers, and human trafficking survivors. We share our expertise through legal education workshops for sex workers, trainings for service providers and community organizations. We engage in media advocacy, support sex worker-led organizations and pursue policy change, aiming to make a real and demonstrable impact in the lives of our clients. We conduct groundbreaking human rights documentation rooted in the real life experiences of sex workers and survivors of trafficking.

The Sex Workers Project is a remarkably effective, dynamic organization deeply committed to improving the lives of our clients. As the only US organization meeting the needs of both sex workers and trafficking victims, the Sex Workers Project serves a marginalized community that few others reach. Together, we are working to create a world that is safe for sex workers and where human trafficking does not exist.

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40 Rector Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Telephone: 646-602-5617

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SWP does not receive walk in clients or inquiries. Please call our helpline at 646-602-5617