Lawyer and Escort RJ Thompson Wants to End the Stigma Around Sex Work

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“The Sex Workers Project has been a leader in the national sex workers rights movement,” he stated. “You know, many of our clients are transgender women, many are undocumented, many are queer, many are people of color.”

Inside NY Courts Where Sex Workers are ‘Painted as Victims and Treated as Criminals’

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The New York City research draws on interviews with court participants and direct court observations, and was conducted by the GHJP and the Sex Workers Project, a New York City-based organization providing legal services and other support for sex workers and people who have been trafficked.

GHJP Releases Reports on Prostitution “Diversion” Programs

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Diversion from Justice and Un-Meetable Promises are products of a multi-year collaboration between the GHJP and the Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center (SWP-UJC) in New York. The collaboration, supported by the Levi Strauss Foundation, sought to bring the resources of the academy to support NGOs working with marginalized communities.

New Legislation Aimed at Fighting Trafficking on Digital Platforms Could Put Sex Workers in Danger

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Cracking down on digital sites could also push sex workers into riskier street-based work that is more prone to violence, exploitation or police targeting. R.J. Thompson, director of the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center (where the author once interned), and also a sex worker, says, “Working online and being able to screen clients online is really a great harm-reduction tool.

Sex-trafficking bill that killed Craigslist’s Personals is hurting sex workers

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“It reduces safety for sex workers,” explained RJ Thompson, who serves as managing director of the Sex Workers Project and is a sex worker himself. “It pushes folks who work online back to street-based work, which has much higher incidences of violence, public health issues including HIV and other STIs, state violence in terms of police harassment and arrest.”