Media Releases



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Anyone in Favor of Child Sex Slavery?

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Debunking 6 Myths about People in the Sex Industry

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Is sting tweeting ethical?

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The Sex Workers Project

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NYPD to stop seizing sex work suspects' condoms

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The Sex Workers Project Receives the 2014 Emil Gumpert Award

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Understanding The Modern Sex Work Industry

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06/21/2013 'No Condoms as Evidence' Bill Passes New York State Assembly

05/28/2013 Florida Governor Signs HB1325 and HB1327 Relating to Victims of Human Trafficking

03/12/2013 Diverse Chorus Applauds as Mayor Bloomberg Signs Two Bills Limiting NYC's Participation in Widely Discredited Immigration Enforcement Programs

02/28/2013 New Research Shows Human Trafficking Pipeline From Mexico to NYC



07/19/12 At International AIDS Conference in D.C., A Call To Change U.S. Policy On Sex Work and HIV



08/16/10 Governor Patterson Signs First In the Nation Bill Allowing Survivors of Sex Trafficking to Clear Prostitution Convictions

06/16/10 NY State Senate Passes Legislation Allowing Survivors of Sex Trafficking to Clear Prostitution Convictions



06/18/09 Anti-trafficking advocates urge Rhode Island legislators to reject flawed prostitution bill

06/16/09 New York State Assembly gives trafficking victims a second chance



12/12/08 SWP welcomes increased protections for trafficked persons

11/07/08 SWP Statement on Proposition K



11/30/07 SWP Statement on World AIDS Day

05/01/07 Advocates Criticize Moralistic Policy that Randall Tobias Enforced



11/30/06 Murders in Atlantic City Highlight Violence Against Sex Workers



03/30/05 Indoor Sex Workers Are Isolated and Fear Violence



12/17/03 Candlelight Vigil Calls for an End to Violence Against Sex Workers

06/23/03 Report Puts Human Face on Prostitutes as Victims of Violence