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Why It’s Perfectly Legal for Airbnb to Discriminate Against Sex Workers  Vice -- 07/18/2016


Charlie Sheen put a spotlight on HIV and sex workers. But here’s what’s missing from the conversation.WashingtonPost -- 11/23/2015


Understanding The Modern Sex Work Industry
Huffington Post -- 03/20/2014

Sex trade in eight cities, including Kansas City, is worth nearly $1 billion
The Kansas City Star -- 03/12/2014

Non-Profit Spotlight: The Sex Workers Project
ModCity Magazine -- 03/07/2014

The Super Bowl Is Not the Sex Trafficking Hotbed the Media Would Have You Believe
PolicyMic -- 02/05/2014

Sex Workers: We're Not a Rescue Project, Not Trafficking Victims
Bustle -- 01/31/2014


A Canadian Breakthrough on Sex Work Sanctions and Safety
Gay City News -- 12/24/2013

Desperately seeking justice
Sacramento News Review -- 12/05/2013

A Confluence of Modern Ills
International NY Times -- 12/03/2013

Becoming a Witness at Suzanne Lacy’s ‘Between the Door and the Street’
The Nation -- 10/23/2013

When Talking Makes the Art Happen
New York Times -- 10/10/2013

Court for Prostitution Cases
New York Times -- 09/26/2013

Intimacy on the Web, With a Crowd
New York Times -- 09/21/2013

For sex workers, an app that provides extra protection
Pando Daily -- 09/09/2013

Cook County court clears sex trafficking victim of prostitution record
Chicago Tribune -- 08/29/2013

Judge Vacates Trafficking Victim's Non-Prostitution Crimes
New York Law Journal -- 08/20/2013

From foster care into the sex trade
Salon -- 08/15/2013

Some Child Sex Trafficking Victims 'Rescued' by Recent FBI Sting Could End up in Jail
US News -- 08/07/2013

Sex Workers vs. Spitzer
The American Prospect -- 08/06/2013

She plied a dangerous trade -- 07/25/2013

Risky Business
Positively Aware -- 07/24/2013

19 arrested in prostitution sweep of Brooklyn massage parlors
Pix11 -- 07/11/2013

Police Put on the Spot by Camera-Wielding ‘Coparazzi’ Sex Worker
Jezebel -- 07/11/2013

Brothel ordered to pay £60k in damages
AOL Money -- 07/08/2013

The New Prostitutes
New York Times -- 06/29/2013

U.S. Ordered to Halt Linking Aid to Anti-Prostitution Oath
Independent European Daily Express -- 06/21/2013

U.S. Ordered to Halt Linking Aid to Anti-Prostitution Oath
Inter Press Service -- 06/20/2013

Youth and Sex Workers Are Scared to Carry Condoms
WBAI -- 06/06/2013

Police in Brooklyn Are Told Not to Seize Condoms of Prostitutes
New York Times -- 05/29/2013

Desmantelan red de prostitución entre México y EE.UU.
Noticias MundoFox -- 05/10/2013

Learning to read the signs of trafficking
Queens Chronicle -- 05/09/2013

Nassau disallows condoms as prostitution evidence because of health concerns
Newsday -- 05/05/2013

New Yorkers ask cops to stop confiscating condoms
Metro -- 04/28/2013

Sex Worker Advocates Ask New York to Stop Punishing People for Having Condoms
Slate -- 04/24/2013

Is New York on the Verge of Ending Its Condom Bait-and-Switch?
Village Voice -- 04/24/2013

'No Condoms as Evidence' Legislation Up for Debate in Albany
Vice -- 04/24/2013

Condoms shouldn’t be a crime
Salon -- 04/23/2013

Policía "usa" condones para arrestos por prostitución en NY
El Diario -- 04/23/2013

Anti-trafficking advocates, elected officials call for law barring condoms as evidence of sex trade -- 04/23/2013

Sex Workers and Anti-Trafficking Groups Want To End Condoms as Evidence
Jezebel -- 04/23/2013

NYC 'gentlemen's club' to pay dancers $8 mln
Thomson Reuters -- 04/09/2013

Women In New York Are Getting Arrested For Carrying Condoms
Business Insider -- 03/11/2013

NYPD will arrest you for carrying condoms
BoingBoing -- 03/08/2013

Profiled by NYPD, Transgendered People in New York Fear Carrying Condoms
Village Voice -- 03/07/2013

New York's Condom Bait-and-Switch
Village Voice -- 03/06/2013

Deadly Weapon? Carrying A Condom As A Woman In NYC Might Get You Locked Up!
Global Grind -- 03/06/2013

Condom conundrum
New York Daily News -- 03/05/2013

Carrying Condoms Can Get You Arrested For Prostitution
Jezebel -- 03/05/2013

What Feminism Can Learn From Sex Workers
Buzzfeed -- 02/12/2013

New York Cops Will Arrest You For Carrying Condoms
Vice -- 02/06/2013

The War on Sex Workers
Reason -- 01/24/2013


3 Mexican brothers extradited to U.S. to face 25 counts linked to sex trafficking
CNN -- 12/10/2012

To Address Human Trafficking, the United States Must Take a New Approach
RH Reality Check -- 10/02/2012

Inside a sex trafficking pipeline to New York City
Metro -- 09/30/2012

Lideran tlaxcaltecas las redes de trata de blancas
Diario de México -- 09/28/2012

Study shows human trafficking is expanding in southern Mexico
Fulano Forum -- 09/27/2012

Documenta Urban Justice operaciones de 19 tratantes de Tlaxcala en Nueva York
La Jornada de Oriente -- 09/27/2012

Estudio revela expansión de trata en sur de México
Yahoo! Noticias México -- 09/27/2012

De la entidad salen la mayoría de las mujeres que prostituyen en EU
Milenio -- 09/27/2012

Revela estudios neoyorkino que mayoría de tratantes son tlaxcaltecas -- 09/26/2012

De Tlaxcala la mayoría de tratantes de personas: Urban Justice Center de NY -- 09/26/2012

De Tenancingo la mayoría de tratantes de personas a Estados Unidos
Cuarto de Guerra -- 09/26/2012

En el mundo, 27 millones son víctimas de la trata de personas
Síntesis Informative Digital PRD -- 09/26/2012

Mitad de víctimas de trata en EU son de México y AL
Kaos en la Red -- 09/26/2012

Con tratantes permanecen casi la mitad de hijos de mujeres rescatadas en NY
Agenda Tlaxcala -- 09/26/2012

Presentan informe de personas sobrevivientes a la trata y explotación laboral
Notiese -- 09/26/2012

ONG de EU pide a México adoptar medidas contra la trata de personas
El Periódico de México -- 09/26/2012

Human trafficking: a misunderstood global scourge
Christian Science Monitor -- 09/09/2012

Panel hears LGBT options
TimesLedger -- 08/23/2012

What Anti-Trafficking Advocates Can Learn From Sex Workers
Huffington Post -- 08/16/2012

AIDS Conference Reflects Growing Hope
Voice of America News -- 07/31/2012

A Call to Change U.S. Policy on Sex Work and HIV
Countdown AIDS 2012 -- 07/30/2012

Sex Workers Raise Tricky HIV-AIDS Issue for U.S.
TrustLaw -- 07/30/2012

Sex workers and HIV: A tricky issue for the US
UPI -- 07/30/2012

Sex Workers Raise Tricky HIV-AIDS Issue for U.S.
Women's eNews -- 07/30/2012

Police use of condoms as evidence against sex workers irks U.S. HIV activists
China Daily -- 07/24/2012

Advocates say exclusion of sex workers and those with HIV/AIDS hinders efforts to end disease
Free Speech Radio News -- 07/24/2012

Banned sex workers find sympathy from AIDS meeting organizers
Reuters -- 07/23/2012

Sex Workers and Cabbies Swept into New York’s Anti-Prostitution Dragnet
In These Times -- 06/28/2012

Do you look like a prostitute?
Alternet -- 06/22/2012

Despite good marks, human trafficking remains a problem in US
Global Times -- 06/20/2012

U.S. states pass flurry of new anti-trafficking laws to fight sex slavery
Xinhuanet -- 05/18/2012

Empire State Stupidity: New York's Condom Policies Undermine Public Health and Human Rights
RH Reality Check -- 04/29/2012

Giving Away, and Then Seizing, Condoms
New York Times -- 04/24/2012

O'Reilly Asks Advocate Of Legal Prostitution: 'Why Can't They Get A Legitimate Job Like 99% Of The Population?'
Mediaite -- 04/24/2012

Secret Service Scandal Moves Advocates to Call for Legal US Prostitution
ABC News -- 04/23/2012

Condón 'poco saludable'
El Diario NY -- 04/17/2012

Advocates for NY sex workers want condoms banned as evidence in prostitution cases
Washington Post -- 04/17/2012

Groups Want Condoms Banned As Evidence Of Prostitution
Politics on the Hudson -- 04/17/2012

Prostitutes Push for N.Y. Law Banning Condoms as Evidence
Bloomberg -- 04/17/2012

Bill: Don't use condoms in prosecutions, persecutions
TimesUnion -- 04/17/2012

Group Wants NY To Ban Practice Of Using Condoms As Evidence In Criminal Cases
CBS New York -- 04/17/2012

NY advocates say condom evidence is unhealthy
Wall Street Journal -- 04/17/2012

NY advocates want condoms out of prostitute cases
NewsTimes -- 04/17/2012

Sex worker advocates call for NYC condom evidence ban
BBC News -- 04/17/2012

Legislation supports safer sex
TimesUnion -- 04/17/2012

There's no FilAm organization advocating for transgender women
The FilAm -- 03/18/2012

Transgender Filipinos confront the stigma of prostitution
The FilAm -- 03/17/2012

Future of Feminism: Sex Workers Deserve Dignity and Care
Ms Magazine -- 03/15/2012

The Policy That Keeps Prostitutes From Carrying and Using Condoms
The Atlantic -- 03/09/2012

Bill could prevent police from seizing condoms from prostitutes as evidence
Niagara Hub -- 03/02/2012